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Want action and results? Mr. Lusso provided us with great information, innovative ideas that were aligned with the mission of our work and better yet, actually implemented and delivered! I am incredibly impressed by his ability to take initiative, follow through and deliver a great product. It’s been an honor to have Joe work with us at One Yoga. Thanks to his leadership we are better able to deliver our services to more and more people.”
Mia Bolte, board member, One Yoga, A Nonprofit
worked directly with Joe at One Yoga, A Nonprofit Organization

As a current board member of One Yoga and past vice-chair of the board of directors, I have witnessed firsthand Joe’s deep knowledge of the practice and discipline of yoga. Coupled with his marketing expertise and a passion for innovative and creative strategies– particularly those that employ web-based and state-of-the-art electronic communications methods–he has been instrumental in engaging new audiences and developing increased brand identity and recognition for the organization. I highly recommend his services as a marketing consultant and advisor.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
Gordon Thomas, hired Joe as a Marketing Consultant in 2008

Joe is a highly creative, outside the box thinker who has the ability to take marketing opportunities from concept to implementation to analysis. He actively works with clients and colleagues to clearly understand their needs and successfully target cost effective solutions. Joe is a seasoned marketing leader dedicated to delivering superior program results while maintaining financial goals. I have worked with Joe on many projects and he consistently delivers outstanding, cost-effective and innovative solutions. He is a high-energy individual who thrives on turning challenges into opportunities with superb results. Joe is a solid team player who possesses strong communication skills. During his tenure at Tecmark he was highly-regarded by both his peers and his leadership team.”
Denice Skelton, Vice President Operations, Tecmark
managed Joe at Tecmark, Inc

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