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Traditional Media vs New Media

Posted by on Sep 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Traditionally, marketing strategies have always revolved strongly around what is often called, ‘outbound lead generation’. This involves using cold calls, snail mail, and more recently email, as the media by which to sell your product or information. Other traditional media used for outbound marketing have of course also been television commercials, radio, and –let us not forget- the myriad of billboards seen lining our highways.

Billboard blocked by a tree.

Everything imaginable is blocking Traditional Media.

However, as quickly as outbound marketing media strategies have grown in the last 60+ years, technology to block this ‘traditional’ media has outpaced it. So we have had caller I.D., spam blockers, satellite (no ads) radio and TV (SKIP FWD), and now even our billboards are blocked by trees and given little regard. The point? Our traditional media forms used as outbound marketing are increasingly ineffective, and so we must turn to new media and new strategies.

New Media and iJoe Inbound Marketing

To successfully market our products these days, we make use primarily of the internet. More specifically, we draw the client in as they search for product and services -79% of all adult Americans use the internet. This is called ‘inbound marketing’. At iJoe Inbound Marketing we will create a strong web presence by creating CMS websites, blogs, optimizing social media, strengthening email subscriptions, demonstrating products through webinars, videos, podcasts, whitepapers and more. The client doesn’t waste time on a content management systems or SEO that doesn’t work, iJoe measures and analyzes all efforts. We track which effort will be most effective for drawing in your target audience. No webmaster needed. We will introduce easy to use platforms that are easily managed by you or someone on your team. And, at a much lower cost than the old, traditional forms of media.

Gone are the days of traditional media! They are no longer capturing the audience as they used to, easily controlled and turned-off by anyone. The customer now has more power to filter what they see and hear, and so we must reach them as they start searching for you.


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