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SEO Tune-up!

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Learn Why You Need On-Page SEO to be Found Online!

Helping search engines answer that basic question (What is this page about?) is one of our most important tasks. Search engines can’t read pages like humans can, so we incorporate structure and clues as to what our content means (On-Page SEO). This helps provide the relevance element of search engine optimization that matches queries to useful results.

Understanding the techniques used to capture this meaning helps to provide better signals as to what our content relates to, and ultimately helps it to rank higher in search results.

Keyword research forms your base. Even though individual keywords themselves are no longer enough to form the foundation of your content, everything begins with good keyword research. You want to know what terms you are targeting, the relative competition around those keywords, and the popularity of those terms. Ultimately, your goal is to connect your content with the very keywords people type and speak into the search box.

Sample On-Page SEO Estimate: 

Keyword research for top 4 website pages. 1-2 Searchable Phrases (Medium to Low competition) per page Estimate 2 hours @ $55 = $110

Website Crawl report, before and after keyword process – Analyze. =$110

Apply new keywords to Website (Yoast) Title and Description tags. .5 hours @ $55 = $27.5

Coach Copywriter in re-writing pages to compliment keyword research 1 hours @ $55 = $55

1 on-page report to use as reference to optimize all site pages. 30-point plan can be duplicated/applied to all web pages. = $55

Total Paid Upon Approval of Proposal $357.50

On-Page SEO is not a magic bullet but it’s certainly a first step in the right direction to getting your website found online. Its a high ranking SEO strategy.

Get started with a FREE AUDIT to see how your website ranks in Search. You’ll receive a report that audits your keywords/title tags (On-page SEO analysis) and a grade from 1-100 to learn how your website/brand competes online. Click here to get your FREE SEO AUDIT STARTED.

Off-page SEO – Plays well with a Content Marketing Strategy. On-page SEO is the first step in building a solid website presence and Off-page is step two.

It can be executed as a stand alone but should be included in the Content Marketing strategy.

Goal of off-page SEO: To accumulate positive signals and interactions for your brand, with the hope of those factors being a net positive.

Benefits of off-page SEO: Brand mentions, positive reviews, links, etc. Off-page SEO is a proven and faster way to increase your website’s organic search. Link building is one of several tactics to boost the site. The best example of this tactics is to leave comments on other blogs, and connect with the top publishers in your vertical — or publishers that cover your vertical. Once you have developed a rapport and, hopefully, have a reputation for creating quality content, inquire about creating a guest post for the platform, assuming that option is available. Within the content plan, a strategy for blog outreach would be included on a monthly basis. A complete list of off-site SEO tactics that can bring your brand success will be customized for your company.

It’s best to think holistically, you may consider a complete Content Management plan which will compliment your entire SEO strategy.

Call for an Off-Page SEO estimate; we recommend a 6-month commitment for Off-Page SEO.



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