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Produce measurable ROI

Tracking and refining your process is easy with software. Understanding the concepts behind measuring your progress is essential to your success. Traffic and content are key analytics to focus on. Below are the primary concepts to behold.

Understanding your web analytics software is essential.

Conversion Rates
These are the people that took action! The visitors that filled out a form are a conversion and this is an important process to repeat. Ask yourself what you did well and why your form received conversions?

Closed-Loop Reporting
Being able to measure a visitor to your website from beginning to the end of sales process. Use this information to tally how many customers you received from each channel. Compare: What works?  What doesn’t?

Marketing Measurements
Leads are harder to track and very easily done with software. Google Analytics is a great place to start.

Landing Page Effectiveness
Learn from your pages and re-employ the techniques that are working.

What iJoe can do for you:

Measuring Success

Essential Internet Analytics Tools
Free tools are invaluable and make it easy to track your website visitors. Learn how to use these tools to see who is visiting your site, what they are searching for, how long they are staying and much more. Google Analytics is one of the most important free tools you can attach to your site. Learn about the essentials here.

In addition, learn how you can manage your entire Internet Marketing effort from one platform – one Dashboard. This will include the introduction to Conversion Optimization Tools (Google Website Optimizer, Hubspot, Active Conversion). The turn-key consultation is designed to set up a Google Analytics account on your website and provide you with user tips.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in…you either already use Google Analytics or you should in the future.

Online Coaching $125
Turn-key $325


The online coaching consultations are one hour, intended to educate you about a topic and give you the tools to implement them on your own. The turn-key consultations are intended to get you up and running and educate you about how to use them.  iJoe will walk you through the process and customize the application to fit your needs. All pricing is based on a standard set-up. The online coaching is a recommended precursor to all turn-key applications.