Inbound Marketing 20 Point Plan

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The HubSpot all-in-one Inbound marketing software will seamlessly:

Attract more traffic to your website
Convert more traffic into leads
Convert more leads into customers
Measure and analyzing each step for continuous improvement

The All-in-One Inbound Marketing System 20-point Plan:

1. Aligning Your Inbound Marketing Strategy with Your Business Goals
2. Benchmarking Your Current Sales & Marketing Metrics
3. Set Traffic, Lead generation and Customer Acquisition Goals
4. Define Your Ideal Lead or Customer
5. Define Your Buyer Personas
6. Competitive Benchmarking
7. Keyword Research & Selection
8. Search Engine Optimization (on-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO)
9. Website Management & Content Creation – add new content, including new web pages and a blog.
10. Launching & Developing Your Business Blog
11. Landing Pages & Lead Generation with Advanced Content – webinars, presentations, podcasts, videos, whitepapers and ebooks
12. Setting up Social Media Accounts & Building a Following
13. Social Media Monitoring
14. Social Media Schedule
15. Email Marketing & Lead Nurturing
16. Pay-Per-Click Advertising
17. Measurement & Analysis for Continuous Improvement
18. Identifying Skills: Writing/Blogging, Analytical Skills/Data interpretation, Design & Layout & Messaging/Branding
19. Estimating Resources Required for Inbound Marketing Success
20. Software Required – Evaluation.