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Get Found by more prospects.

Today, the majority of consumers begin their shopping experience online. Finding your business is the first step to remain competitive. Below are the primary concepts for businesses to optimize their website to assure they are easily found by search engines and to generate more leads.

Learn how the Internet is transforming small business! Flip through this slideshow:


Create content useful & interesting to your personas, not you!

Who is the content for? Think about it: Are the people you’re trying to reach interested in your content? Next, publish that content on platforms that will reach your customers and get consumed. Create a large footprint on the web and attract more links into your website. Be the expert/thought leader in your industry and community.

Blogging earns the attention of the best potential customers by providing them with helpful content. Blogging is about frequently distributing relevant content via the right channels, to boost credibility and findability.
Regardless of the size of a business, it can target potential customers on the web with the right kinds of topics, keywords, and promotion strategies.

iJoe is savvy about defining audience and targeting them.

434% More Indexed Pages for Companies that Blog

Top 100 Blogs in the World


Get Found First on Google

Learn about simple meta tags and tweaks to your website pages that will drive you to the top of the organic list on Google. And, create high level links to your website. For example, is a stronger incoming link than


Build meaningful/lucrative relationships by being helpful

Create content that talks about your industry, not your business. This is the base point of promotion in social media.

Promote by email and social media. iJoe has performed numerous email campaigns. Knowing what works comes from experience. We’ve created a formula born from experience and a thorough review of the analytics.

What iJoe Can Do For You:

Attracting Visitors

Blogging Essentials

What you need to know to get started? The latest techniques to successfully get you started. Turn-key includes setting up a blog and/or tweaking your current blog for the best possible presentation and findability. In addition, you will receive a ‘how to’ manual and numerous essential tips.

In 2013, 58% of the US Internet population is projected to be reading blogs on a monthly basis.

Online Coaching $125
Turn-key $355

Search Engine Essentials

Are you ready to move your business/brand up the search engine results pages? Get the latest tips for SEO. This will cover the following topics: Google, longtail keywords, website optimization, links, and analytics. The Turn-key solution is intended to complete the Title Tags on your website. The title tag has been – and probably will always be – one of the most important factors in achieving high search engine rankings.

285 Million Watched TV monthly
14 Billion Core Searches occur monthly

Online Coaching $125
Turn-key $450

Social Media Optimization

Fundamentals & Best Methods. Personal and professional networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are where many people now exchange news and information. Learn which ones to use and lose. The turn-key solution is intended to get your social media accounts up and running at full speed.

Successful Business uses of the social media

Online Coaching $125
Turn-key $525

Viral Marketing Essentials

What you need to know. Viral marketing campaigns both online and off are especially important to small businesses and start-ups because they usually cost almost nothing. The real investment in getting a viral marketing campaign going is the time and effort that it takes to build a product worth talking about. Small businesses that have more creativity than marketing dollars can still find themselves turning a nice profit thanks to a healthy influx of referred customers. Learn the essentials here and get started on a viral campaign that will get you noticed! Our turn-key solution is an exercise in right brain thinking. iJoe will recommend a concept and implement it on your behalf.

“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Online Coaching $125
Turn-key $425

SEO behind the Scenes

Learn what is important to Google -Algorithms. Beyond keywords. What the experts like. Get essential takeaways. The turn-key consultation will evaluate your website and give you a report. The report is your road map to begin increasing your reach.

Links, as they pertain to both the domain and the individual page, are vastly superior in importance to the page’s content.

Online Coaching $125
Turn-key $250


The online coaching consultations are one hour, intended to educate you about a topic and give you the tools to implement them on your own. The turn-key consultations are intended to get you up and running and educate you about how to use them. iJoe will walk you through the process and customize the application to fit your needs. All pricing is based on a standard set-up. The online coaching is a recommended precursor to all turn-key applications.