Inbound Marketing: Create a Blueprint Before You Build the House

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Inbound Marketing: Create a Blueprint Before You Build the House

Posted by on 4:18 pm

Building a website takes a great deal of time and money mostly spent in design and development. Much of the preparation and strategy can be done offline. In fact many of the IMU teachings guide you in creating a state-of-the-art and searchable website.

Market ready websites is the concept of employing much of the effort offline, thereby saving you a bundle in design and development hours.

Businesses know how important it is to have a user-friendly website that presents a product, their brands and their services well. And, most importantly, getting found online should be a priority. The goal is to have your website appear as the first business in Google search results. Getting found online organically could save you thousands of dollars in pay per click advertising.

Each page is built to get Google’s attention. In fact, the whole website strategy is built around getting found by Google, Yahoo and Bing. iJoe applies the newest information about search algorithms. In addition, all the time tested methods are employed along with the newest algorithm research.

IJoe creates a complete blueprint for the designer/developer to execute. No detail is left out. All the search strategies are built right into the infrastructure of the website before a designer even touches it. Even the best method of including keywords in the name of images (photos) is pre-planned and consistent with optimizing each website page. Watch this IMU video, Developing a Keyword Strategy, to learn more about keyword importance.

“I’ve found iJoe’s website building strategy to be both cost efficient and powerful,” said Kris K. “Our website was built with Google in mind and we didn’t spend a lot of money on design/developement because much of the website was constructed offline.”

To built a market-ready website, there are several best methods that are used to provide the best result. Without a well-defined plan, you could end up hiring professionals to re-work the infrastructure to be search friendly. Most people start with the design of a website rather than search methodology. Learn more about web design blunders here.

This method can be compared to planning to build a house from the ground up. Lots of planning is necessary before decorating a house.

The architect hired for building a house is much like hiring an Inbound Marketing Strategist. Hiring a skilled marketing architect (strategist) is a good first step. iJoe is a seasoned marketer and certified Inbound Marketer by Hubspot. Hiring a designer first may be much like hiring a painter first. Think of your navigation bar much like the rooms of your house. Like your house, you want an enticing floor plan that makes sense and fits well with the entire business strategy.

Inbound marketing is essential to the life of a website and influences the success of it. Designers are delighted to receive a roadmap for a website. They can focus on applying the necessary creativity to completing a masterful work of art. And, designers finds it refreshing to do what they were hired for – execute a well-conceived plan.

Search engine optimization can be likened to the extensive wiring and plumbing of a house, which allows for functions to occur at a rapid and successful rate.

When planning the creation and promotion your website, it is important to consider the audience. This offline process will walk you through creating personas to clearly define the target customer and imbed that research into the website.

A well thought out plan and strategy is the lesson here. Hiring new media and/or Inbound Marketing trained professionals is the place to start. Seek all-encompassing web skills that  include technical, social, marketing and creative disciplines.

In addition, you should find a designer/developer who subscribes to the inbound marketing methodologies. Review this slide show, 25 Must-Haves for a Remarkable Website, as a checklist for your current and/or new website.

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