Global Beer Network’s Digital Footprint

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Global Beer Network’s Digital Footprint

Global Beer Network’s Digital Footprint

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It all begins with defining your brand.  Perhaps we start with a SWOT Analysis? Let iJoe walk through the steps parallel to generating some revenue. Check out GBN’s journey below: 

Global Beer Network (GBN) imports 42 brands of Belgium Beer to the US. GBN sells to 36 distributors in 33 states. GBN is the only importer of Belgian beer delivering full containers directly from the Belgian breweries to its US distributors.

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Pioneering the Development of GBN’s Digital Footprint


-Limited Online Visibility

-Limited Brand Education

-Broad Portfolio of Brands to Market on a Limited Budget

-Undefined Message Strategy


-Launch Social Media Marketing (YouTube channel, FaceBook, Twitter)

-Content Driven eMarketing (201 campaigns, 35.7% CTR)

-Promote/educate about brands with Authentic Storytelling Belgian Spokesperson via YouTube

-Implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Program Utilizing Existing 10k database.

-Proposed Gateway Beer of Brands to Marketplace

-Market High-end Belgian Beers Much Like Wine With Added Twist of a Special Glass (Promoted GBN Swag Shop) and Pairing Foods.


-Wildly popular Global Beer TV on YouTube/DVD – each vignette was created to educate and delight the viewer about a specific GBN brands – 22 full-length videos.

-YouTube increased education among distributors and shorten the sales cycle

-Data Driven Marketing Plan

-CRM program – segmented/targeted messaging to brand loyal customers.

-Pairing Belgian Beer with Food increased email eMarketing Opens and CTR by 40%

-Focus on Gateway Brands increased popularity and distribution


Global Beer Network – Data Driven Marketing Plan

Global Beer Network’s entry into the marketing continuum at Sales promotion made good sense for them. It drove sales and it was a starting point to create a marketing database. Once this built up, Data-Driven Marketing and Customer Relationship Management was the primary vehicle to build the company’s profits.




Global Beer TV YouTube Channel

The inspiration for making these videos came from the ever popular Social Media guru Gary V. Joe followed the success of Gary and adapted his concept for Global Beer. Joe realized the value of promoting the the Belgian brands through an authentic Belgian Spokesperson. Gary V transformed his father’s Springfield, NJ liquor store into a large scale retail wine store named Wine Library,  and in 2006 started the video blog Wine Library TV, a daily internet webcast on the subject of wine, which launched his career of internet celebrity. Wine Library TV (WLTV or The Thunder Show) (2006–2011) was a video podcast hosted by Vaynerchuk, featuring wine reviews and advice on wine appreciation. Episodes consisted of wine tastings along with other wine related topics.


Global Beer TV YouTube Channel  –  The Inspiration!


Joe Lusso and Gary Vaynerchuk

Joe Lusso meets his mentor Gary Vaynerchuk at HubSpot Inbound Marketing 2012.

Gary Vaynerchuk (left) is a video blogger, co-owner and director of operations of a wine retail store, and an author and public speaker on the subjects of social media, brand building and e-commerce. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, GQ, and Time, appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Ellen. Vaynerchuk has been described as “the first wine guru of the YouTube era“, “the wine world’s new superstar”,  and by Rob Newsom, a Washington State wine maker, “outside of Robert Parker, probably the most influential wine critic in the United States”. In the July 2009 Decanter publication of “The Power List” ranking of the wine industry’s individuals of influence, Vaynerchuk placed at number 40, citing that he “represents the power of blogging.”



Twitter for Global Beer Network

Well before it was popular, Joe customized the Twitter page for Global Beer. The new branded look focused on 6 of the 42 Global Beer brands. The ‘Gateway’ brands as Joe refers to them.  The strategy to grow the business with Twitter was targeted towards the B2B customer. Twitter became a popular medium among Global Beer’s Salesmen and distributors throughout the US.


Facebook Page for Global Beer Network

The Facebook strategy was to engage the consumer (B2C focus) with quality content. And expand Global Beer’s online footprint and directly engage with customers and prospects. The content strategy included facts about the beer, food pairings, blog teasers and events.




Content Strategy

Strategy before tactics. The Content Strategy was created to manage the messaging and the social media schedule. By planning the content creation, delivery and a repeatable system the organization was able to easily delegate it to employees.




Google Adwords – Focus in Va area.

Distribution of Global Beers brands were most accessible in the Virginia area but not in all liquor stores and/or bars. IJoe launched the Wittekerke-Google ad campaign to assist the consumer with finding the brands.



Landing Page

The landing page for Wittekerke campaign focused on the brands attributes and informing the consumer where to buy. Consumers could now easily find the brands in city near them. Additionally the landing page navigated back to the website for further lead collection.




Distributor Sell Sheet

The sell sheet got the distributors jazzed/interested in the Wittekerke brand and informed them of the Google ad campaign. It prompted them to plan for future orders. In addition, distributors felt supported and appreciated that GBN spearheaded this promotion in their backyard.




Email Marketing

Readership increased when iJoe implemented a new message strategy. Pairing the Belgian beers with foods increased the clicks by 37%.  iJoe also partnered with a food blogger ( to present exciting food and piggyback on the bloggers extensive traffic.





News Release

The success of the news releases were from online search. Many online channels picked up the release and search activity increased. The news releases were a great boost to the education of the Belgian Beer utilizing PRWEB.





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