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Convert more prospects into leads and customers.

Your website is your most important marketing tool. Once the customer finds you, you need to convert them into leads and sales. Below are specific techniques proven to nurture your customer. Nurture leads through every step.

It is essential to keep things moving along in the process.[boxend]

Calls to Action

Understand the value of your offer – make it something people want to respond to. Approach a ‘Call to Action’ from the standpoint of the customer. Ask yourself: What’s in it for the customer?

Landing Pages

Conversion tip #1. Landing pages are a link to gather contact information with a valuable/practical offer. Keep these pages short and sweet. Conversion rates are much higher with shorter pages/forms.

Lead Qualifying

Converting leads into sales.

Email Marketing

Part of process in the sales and marketing path to driving conversions.

Lead Nurturing

Creating a sales and marketing path for people to go down.

What iJoe Can Do For You:

Converting Visitors

Calls to Action & Landing Page Essentials

Learning how to convert your leads to customers is easy when you have a few tactics under your belt. All the tools are at your fingertips on the web. Learn several tips to effective calls to action. The turnkey consultation will work with you to implement an action plan that includes a landing page with a call to action.

Objective: To increase conversion to trial sign-up.

Online Coaching $125
Turn-key $375

Lead Nurturing 101 Essentials

Move people from leads to customers. Learn the fundamentals of generating a lead nurturing process; understanding a qualified lead. We will discuss your process and give you several tips you can begin using immediately. You will learn to be a resource to your customer not a messenger. The turnkey consultation will walk you through the entire process that you can begin duplicating.

Online Coaching $125
Turn-key $475

Email Marketing Essentials & Best Methods

Learn why 1 pm on Saturday is the best time to send an email blast. Email is permission based and a cost effective way to communicate with your fans. Learn how to build a quality list, create valuable content, calls to action, frequency, and much more. Your consultant has managed numerous campaigns and can answer any questions you may have about email marketing. The turn-key consultation will help you set up an account, upload a list and mount a campaign using all the tools available to you.

Email Marketing Is…Delivering professional email communications…to an interested audience…..containing information they find valuable.

Online Coaching $125
Turn-key $425

Maximizing the Decline of Mass Media with PR

Traditional media is struggling to survive. Learn how to shift your PR tactics to Inbound Marketing. Consumers will only respond if you’re talking their language. What you really want is qualified prospects. Mass media is talking to everyone. Don’t chase after every shiny object. Shifting your PR efforts to interactive media is essential. You will begin using these takeaway tips immediately. The Turnkey consultation is intended to walk you through an entire campaign that includes a news release. You will learn about interactive content and the proper channels.

PR is not just about “hits” –it’s about frequently distributing relevant content via the right channels, to boost credibility and findability.

Online Coaching $125
Turn-key 875

Twitter Essentials

Who is using it and maximizing it for business/branding. How Twitter is changing to better serve your needs. Learn statistics you should pay attention to. Learn to use Twitter as a serious business to business tool. The turnkey consultation will help you set up an account, brand it, grow it, and best utilize it for your brand or company.

For Corporations:  Ask about a customized Twitter Strategy Marketing Guide. Step-by-step instructions to set up your tweet plan to tame Twitter and bring in the contacts you need to build your business.

“We see an ecosystem of developers swarming around the Twitter API like moths around a flame”

Online Coaching $85
Turn-key $225

Creating Great Content with VIDEO

Video is a #1 hit when creating content. Video Blogging is a powerful tool. Learn about its applications for you. It’s also making a huge wave in the mobile market; something you don’t want to miss out on. Gain all the essential tips necessary to get started. It’s easy, inexpensive and fun! Video blogging is about creating a multiple level revenue outlet. It’s about the message not the platform. The turnkey consultation will get you started and get you inspired to be the next Gary Vaynerchuk. See samples of iJoe’s Video Blogging work: GlobalBeerTV’s Channel on YouTube.

“You love your parents because they loved you, first.” – @garyvee on how to approach your product(s) and customers.

Online Coaching $125
Turn-key $425

How Big Business Exploits Social Media

Southwest Airlines taught us a lot about how to approach the social media arena when a customer threatens your reputation. This consultation compiles all the high and low points of Corporations entering the social media arena. Learn what social media channels work best as an anchor for your company and how to use them to your advantage. This consultation will offer: Case Studies, Statistics and valuable takeaways. You don’t want to wait for a crisis to leverage social media. The turn-key consultation is designed to assist you in evaluating/setting up social channels and solving a corporate problem with social media.

On companies using social media just for kicks:
“Don’t cheese it up. People’s bullshit radars are insane. Marketing is about to get really, really hard. If you’re just doing social media to keep up with the Joneses – don’t.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Online Coaching $125
Turn-key $TBD

The online coaching consultations are one hour, intended to educate you about a topic and give you the tools to implement them on your own. The turn-key consultations are intended to do all the work for you, get you up and running and educate you about how to use them. iJoe will walk you through the process and customize the application to fit your needs. All pricing is based on a standard set-up. The online coaching is a recommended precursor to all turn-key applications.