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AWP – Author Website Special

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Welcome AWP! And, Anyone who wants to be found online! As an Internet Marketing and Marketing Communications professional, I’ve taken the mystery out of making a decision to create a website. Clients have told us numerous times, I just want the BEST website platform (WordPress) and the BEST and most efficient package to be in business. Prepackage Websites: After spending 15 years trying to compare website packages and pricing, I just decided to package the BEST and most necessary components for success! Stealth Marketing Enabled Custom Websites: We are using the word ‘Stealth’ to describe a clever way of packaging a website and cutting through all the clutter of information that is confusing to most buyers. Lets be honest, the world of websites can be confusing. Our secret strategy is that your website is a tool to market yourself. And, we only want to provide only the things you need to market yourself online and enable you to easily expand at a later date. Online Marketing Strategy Our focus for your website is on an Internet Marketing strategy and not an expensive design piece. We’ve found many of you are already branded with a book, a previous website and/or some other entrepreneur effort. If not, we have the tools to flush out your brand with you. The packages below were created to Arm you with the ultimate marketing tools to get you up and running quickly. WordPress Website Package I – Economy $999 -WordPress (Top shelf/Robust/Superior Platform) -Easy to...

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Client excels at #DIY Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Paul Pelletier of Boutique Sarfari hired me to build up his web presence. Paul had a small budget for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We agreed on a price that would fit his budget and include his participation. I coached Paul through content planning, rewriting content to fit his brand, optimizing social media websites, marketing strategies and other resources for DIY (Do It Yourselfers). Paul Pelletier is a trained corporate lawyer.  He’s been a dream client. He was very motivated to do the leg work to get traffic to his website. Together we built a solid SEO infrastructure for Boutique Safari. Paul powered through the extensive work necessary to optimize his web properties and get found online. It’s recommended to spend an average of 20 hours per week on your Inbound Marketing Strategy. Paul spends at least that amount of time getting his website found online. And, its paying off. Paul is seeing small but incremental results. Typical in SEO. The proof is in the Google Analytics reports and the social media counts. See his update below. Stats are very positive – almost at 25,000 site views on Google, over 250 followers on Twitter (about 15 per day each day), more likes and followers on Facebook and a Special Photographer’s Tour announced last week. Blogging and posting every two days at least. Adding videos every week – people love them! Read about Paul’s methodology below. I asked Paul to share His-Story. BOUTIQUE-SAFARI.COM WEBSITE 1. Ensure website is attractive, user-friendly, geared to...

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Get found in the Google search box. SEO Tune-up!

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great way to get you found online. On-Page SEO is not a magic bullet but it’s certainly a step in the right direction to getting your website found online. Its a high ranking SEO strategy. Blogging is yet another tactic to get your organic search energized. Optimizing your website pages will get Google’s attention. In February 2015 only. The cost is $79 per web page. You will see a before and after report of your page to compare the results. On-page SEO – TUNE-UP Description of the 10pt Tune-up each page: Keywords Volume Keyword Difficulty H1 Keyword location Alt attribute Image file name Bold Italics Link in content Prerequisites: WordPress website. Let get you...

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Not ready for a complete online marketing automation program?

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Get started with these options from iJoe Inbound Marketing: Start with a Free Assessment – Get a free website marketability score. CMS – Content Management System – Website redesign – develop a website on a user friendly/editable platform. Much like working in Microsoft Word. WordPress is a great platform. SEO – Search Engine Optimization – get your website optimized and get found online in Google, Yahoo and Bing Search. SEM – Search Engine Marketing – Adwords can bring you remarkable results even among the most obscure leads. SMM – Social Media Marketing – Facebook ads target real human interests by using the “Interest Cloud Technique” — requires you to really get inside the head and shoes of the people you’re targeting. Advertise where the people are every day. Landing Pages – Lead capture pages or a lander. Drive traffic to these topic pages to begin the lead nurturing process. Facebook Storefront – Manage your entire online business through Facebook.  Facebook in Lieu of a website – F-commerce. LinkedIn Optimization – An untapped sales tool. Call me to review the Playbook. Blog – add one to your website and implement a content strategy to get you up and running. A blog is a powerful tool for getting your website found in (organic) search. Content Marketing – Thought Leadership – Own your topic online – Boundless opportunities for blog posts, social media posts and PR opportunities. Inbound Marketing Specialist– Your first step in expanding your marketing team to include New Media and maintaining a consistent feed of content to grow your business online. Mobile Marketing – One half of all local searches are performed on...

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What makes the ULTIMATE [Inbound Marketing] Expert?

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It is believed that 10,000 hours in any specific task makes an expert. In Outliers: The Story of Success, the author Malcolm Gladwell repeatedly mentions the “10,000-Hour Rule.” He claims the key to success in any field is, to a large extent, a matter of practicing a specific task for a total of around 10,000 hours. According to Gladwell’s theory, I am an (Inbound Marketing) Expert. For me, this is 5 years at the same task, Internet Marketing. Human Resource departments base your annual salary on the standard amount of professional hours per year, 2,080. I am using this formula for expert hours spent per year. Experts with hybrid skills are the next generation of desirable employees in the coming decade according to Paul Roetzer author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint. “The future of marketing belongs to the generalists, the hybrids,” Paul Roetzer. Hybrid Skills Hybrid marketing professionals are trained to deliver services across search, mobile, social, content, analytics, web, PR, and email marketing. My career in Internet Marketing began over 5 years ago. Previous to that, I had 10+ years as a Marcom expert. Hybrid skills are part of my DNA. In 2008 I began mastering Inbound Marketing to include a formal education. The application of Gladwell’s theory is a great starting point when hiring a consultant. Finding a marketing expert with hybrid skills is a certainly a bonus too. Vetting an Expert Start with their website. You can learn a ton about staff on a company’s website...

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Inbound Marketing Automation

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Online Marketing Automation requires a top-shelve software tool and a dedicated operator. Do you have an Online (Inbound) Marketing Strategy? Seeking customers via print, TV, radio, banner advertising, cold calls (Outbound Marketing) are one way communications. Moving your business communications online is interactive and two-way. Customers come to you via search engines (Google), referrals and social media (Facebook/Twitter). Proof of the Decline of Outbound Marketing: 86% people skip TV ads 44% of direct mail isn’t opened 200 Million have registered their phone numbers on the FTC’s ‘do not call’ list Free Infographic, Inbound vs Outbound Marketing What is Inbound Marketing? Today, the majority of consumers begin their shopping experience online. Finding your business online is the first step to remain competitive. Inbound Marketing summarized by Wikipedia: Inbound marketing is advertising a company through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, enewsletters, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing.  In contrast, buying attention, cold-calling, direct paper mail, radio, TV advertisements, sales flyers, spam, email marketing, telemarketing and traditional advertising are considered “outbound marketing”. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content. Get a free website marketability score – It reflects a snapshot in time. Analyzes your regular inbound marketing activities and uses those to calculate your current score.  Top score is 100.  Average scores range from 35-45. Click to contact Joe Lusso for a free analysis. How much time per week does Inbound Marketing...

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Webpage SEO – ADD Title HERE – use keywords when possible

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H1 with Keywords Paragraph copy  copy with bolds and anchor links. H2 with Keywords Paragraph copy  copy with bolds and anchor links. H3  Keywords Paragraph copy  copy with bolds and anchor links. In Platinum SEO Pack Title (70 characters) : Long-tail Keyword 1, Long tail keyword 2, Long-tail Keywords 3 Description (155 characters): Place the first sentence of the article here in the description. Keywords: Long-tail Keyword 1, Long tail keyword 2, Long-tail Keywords 3 + other relevant keywords...

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Facebook Page in Lieu of a Website

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With a Facebook Page you can create a dynamic online presence that is both relevant and cost efficient.

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Global Beer Network

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Global Beer Network

Global Beer Network (GBN) imports 42 brands of Belgium Beer to the US. GBN sells to 36 distributors in 33 states. GBN is the only importer of Belgian beer delivering full containers directly from the Belgian breweries to its US distributors. iJoe Services: Branding/Messaging, Advertising/Media Buying, Public Relations, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEM, Public Relations, Online Marketing Challenges: -Limited Online Visibility -Limited Brand Education -Broad Portfolio of Brands to Market on a Limited Budget -Undefined Message Strategy Solutions: -Launch Social Media Marketing (YouTube channel, FaceBook, Twitter) -Content Driven eMarketing (201 campaigns, 35.7% CTR) -Promote/educate about brands with Authentic Storytelling Belgian Spokesperson via YouTube -Implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Program Utilizing Existing 10k database. -Proposed Gateway Beer of Brands to Marketplace -Market High-end Belgian Beers Much Like Wine With Added Twist of a Special Glass (Promoted GBN Swag Shop) and Pairing Foods. Results: -Wildly popular Global Beer TV on YouTube/DVD – each vignette was created to educate and delight the viewer about a specific GBN brands – 22 full-length videos. -YouTube increased education among distributors and shorten the sales cycle -Data Driven Marketing Plan -CRM program – segmented/targeted messaging to brand loyal customers. -Pairing Belgian Beer with Food increased email eMarketing Opens and CTR by 40% -Focus on Gateway Brands increased popularity and distribution [clear] Global Beer Network – Data Driven Marketing Plan Global Beer Network’s entry into the marketing continuum at Sales promotion made good sense for them. It drove sales and it was a starting point to...

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Do You Have a Blogroll Strategy?

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A blogroll is a list of links that may appear in the sidebar of your blog. These links may be favorite sites or professional affiliations. Usually the links in a blogroll have a direct correlation to the industry or business of the blog owner. I have a strict criteria for choosing blogs for the blogroll. Typically I recommend listing five links in your blogroll. For many businesses this number allows for a good variety. Below are the criteria for settling on blogs in your blogroll. Relevance to your brand/company Traffic  – see authority or total number of social media fans Frequency of Posts – recent? Comments – more than ZERO Advertisers on the blog? Relevance is very important. You want to attract readers to your blog that have similar interests. There’s an unwritten rule in the blogosphere that if someone lists you on their blogroll, you should reciprocate and add them. Link building is a high-level search technique to get you found faster online by Google. Not all parties may participate and reciprocate but it’s a great starting point to list another professional and/or relevant blog. Traffic is an important factor in choosing a blog for your blogroll. If you are trying to build your business you want to align yourself with some high traffic websites. Below are two blog search tools to find blogs within your industry and learn more about their popularity. Technorati Get familiar with Blog Rating System in Technorati Google Blogsearch Google blogsearch is an...

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