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The Digital Marketing team depending on your objectives:

  • Marketing Consultant – For short and long-term planning, coordinating and strategy. At iJoe, our consultants can cover most all the teams’ bases for your company. Some projects may require the positions below.
  • Developer – A programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications to include website redesign, code tagging and a variety of backend technical needs.
  • SEOer  / SEO Strategist – Search Engine Optimization.  The promotion of your product or brand through the internet by getting more visibility on search engines. The higher up the page your site appears on search results pages, the more visitors it will receive which will (hopefully) result in more sales/interest/visibility/awareness. We use MOZ as our primary SEO tool.
  • Webmaster – for minimal assistance to tag website with code, manage hosting and security.
  • Messaging/Branding – A well defined brand and messaging strategists articulates the value proposition of the company as a whole, each of the individual business units, as well as underlying products and services in a way that is consistent, relevant and easily digested.;
  • Content Strategist – Developing new forms of content, such as multimedia, or various “presence management” technologies like microblogging.
  • Writer/Blogger – create well written, fun articles or reviews readers come back for.

About the iJoe Advisory Team:

At Ijoe you only pay for the services you require. Partners of iJoe include a wealth of experience and expertise. Our team includes Marketing Specialists; WordPress and Drupal Designer/Developers; Traditional and NEW Media experts; Content Strategists; Branding Specialists; Art Directors, Bloggers and many more. iJoe will customize a team of experts to fit your business. A wide variety of industry experts are available to you at iJoe.