Team Staff

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Ideally every New Media team depending on its objectives should have a:

  • Marketing Consultant – For short and long-term planning, coordinating and strategy. At iJoe, our consultants can cover most all the teams’ bases for a small business. Some projects may require the positions below.
  • Webmaster – for minimal assistance to tag website with code & Integrate Social Media in the beginning;
  • Messaging/Branding – A well defined brand and messaging strategists articulates the value proposition of the company as a whole, each of the individual business units, as well as underlying products and services in a way that is consistent, relevant and easily digested.;
  • Content Strategist – Developing new forms of content, such as multimedia, or various “presence management” technologies like microblogging.
  • Writer/Blogger – create well written, fun articles or reviews readers come back for.

About the iJoe Advisory Team:

Partners of iJoe include a wealth of experience and expertise. Our team includes Marketing Specialists; WordPress and Drupal Designer/Developers; Traditional and NEW Media experts; Content Strategists; Branding Specialists; Art Directors, Bloggers and many more. iJoe will customize a team of experts to fit your business. A wide variety of industry experts are available to you at iJoe.